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On-line Courses

Frequently Asked Questions About On-line Courses

What are on-line courses?
Why should I take an on-line course?
What do I need on my computer to take an on-line course?
What courses are you planning to offer in the future?

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What are on-line courses?

Gardening123 on-line courses are special educational programs designed by gardening experts to help gardeners of all skill levels learn more about specific areas of gardening. All course material is accessed completely on-line and available 24 hours a day, so you can work through the course at your leisure and from the comfort of your own home.

Our on-line courses always include lots of examples, exercises, and action points to help you take the knowledge youíve learned and apply it in your own yard or garden.

We think youíll agree that on-line courses are a great way to expand your gardening knowledge.

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Why should I take an on-line course?

  • Youíll come away from the course a smarter and better gardener, with practical knowledge, skills, and tips youíll be able to use in your garden.

  • Itís much better (and much more fun) than reading a gardening book, because the course is presented in a rich, interactive learning environment with audio, color photos, illustrations, and animations designed to help you visualize and understand concepts more easily.

  • In many ways, itís even better than taking a traditional ďliveĒ course, because you can access the material at your own pace, skip sections that donít interest or apply to you, and review any of the material at any time, as often as you wish.

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What do I need on my computer to take an on-line course?

To take an on-line course, all you need is Internet access and a browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape (version 4 or higher). In fact, if you are viewing this page on-line right now, you should have everything you need to take an on-line course!

Most of our courses also make occasional use of the Flash player to display interactive animations. Chances are you already have the Flash player, but if you donít, you can download it for free from Macromedia's Flash Download Center.

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What courses are you planning to offer in the future?

Gardening123 has plans to offer future on-line courses covering a variety of gardening topics, including:

  • Organic Vegetable Gardening
  • Container Gardening
  • Native Plants
  • Gardening for Cut Flowers

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