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Garden Articles

Fall doesn't have to be end for some veggie crops
by William Terry Kelley

The dog days of summer will soon give way to the crisp fall air. But this doesn't mean the gardening season is over. It's still possible to grow crops well into the fall and even through the winter in many parts of Georgia.


Fall is Tardy in the Deep South
by Dan Gill

For much of the nation, September marks the end of summer.


Fall-Harvested Vegetables Easy to Grow - and Tastier!
by Kathleen W. Ward KSU

Growing fall vegetables isn't a high priority on many gardeners' list. However, fall is the best time to raise what typically are thought of as spring crops - including all of the salad greens needed to go with fall's resurgence in tomato production.


Fertilize Strawberries
by Ward Upham, K-State Research & Extension

An August application of nitrogen on spring-bearing strawberries is important in order to increase the number of strawberries produced next spring.


Fire Ant Treatment Time
by Sarah Lewis, University of Georgia

April and September are good times to apply baits, once at the start of the season and toward the end to help control before they come back in the spring.


Fireflies add magic to spring, summer evenings
by Nancy C. Hinkle

Fireflies, or lighting bugs, as they're commonly known, are neither flies nor bugs. They're beetles. As spring evenings warm, fireflies arrive to entertain us with their courtship performances, remaining until the chill of winter kills them off. They're not only pleasant reminders of childhood play but a reassurance of environmental health as well.


Five 5-plant Gardens
by Debbie Van Bourgondien

Learn 5 easy plants for butterfly, hummingbird, shade, tropical, and blue gardens.


Flip-Flopped Resolutions Can Provide Gardening Insights, Humor
by Kansas State Research and Extension

Rather than set goals you lose sight of within weeks, make resolutions you have no intention of keeping, said Jamie Hancock, horticulturist with Kansas State University Research and Extension.


Flowers Provide More Than You Can See Or Smell; Some Are Edible
by Dan Gill

Flowers are the delight of gardeners. Their beautiful colors, shapes and fragrances are the inspiration for gardening efforts by countless hobby horticulturists.


Follow These Tips on Harvesting Winter Vegetables
by LSU AgCenter News

The vegetables we grow here during the cool season are some of the most delicious and nutritious that our home gardens can produce. Better yet, many of the vegetables we planted in late summer and early fall are ready to harvest or they will be soon.


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