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Garden Articles

Defensive Planting Deters Moles
by The Plant Man, Steve Jones

In a recent column there was a question from a reader who had a problem with moles. I asked for suggestions from other readers and I received a lot of response. If moles are giving you headaches, you might find these ideas helpful.


Deicing Salt: A Mixed Blessing
by Leslie Johnson

The deicing salt that takes some of the hazard out of walking and driving in winter can be a hazard itself -- to plants.


Designer Composts May Combat Phosphorus Overload
by Sharon Durham

There are designer handbags and designer shoes, so why not designer compost? Agricultural Research Service scientists are studying environmentally friendly composts that help keep phosphorus from seeping into water supplies.


Disease Can Creep Up in a Hurry
by GardenTech

One day the lawn looks fabulous, the kind of vibrant green that would make any homeowner proud. Then, seemingly overnight, so many brown spots appear that you suspect some kind of alien activity.


Don't Forget to Put Your Garden to Bed for Winter
by Terry Kelley

You've harvested the last of the summer veggies, and you're ready to hang up your hoe and spade until spring.


Don't Let Lawn Suffer Through Summer Dry Spells
by Brad Haire

Georgia has had plenty of rain in the past month. But there's no guarantee it will be plentiful all summer. And just two weeks without rain can be enough to hurt most grasses.


Donít Let Poison Ivy Get You
by Dan Gill

I recently came across some poison ivy as I was working in an out-of-the-way area of my landscape. Poison ivy is very abundant in urban, suburban and rural landscapes. I keep a sharp eye out for this plant, since Iím quite allergic, and I promptly and ruthlessly deal with any as soon as I see it.


Easy-to-Grow Vegetables
by Dr. Leonard Perry, University of Vermont Extension

Potatoes are easy to grow and come in many novelty and tasty varieties you wont find in stores.


Emerald Ash Borer Update
by US National Arboretum

The emerald ash borer will have a major impact in all locales where ash trees are dominate, either as landscape and street tree specimens or in native woodland populations.


Enfield Shaker Museum and Garden
by Karen Bussolini, National Gardening Association

Garden lovers, history buffs, and those who appreciate Shaker crafts and architecture will find a different way to get away from it all at the Enfield Shaker Museum.


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