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Garden Articles

Climate Resources for Gardeners
by CoCoRaHS for the National Gardening Association

Of special interest to gardeners is their online publication Climate Resources for Master Gardeners, which presents information on aspects of climate important to gardeners.


Color in the Garden Helps Set the Mood
by Leslie Johnson

Want to create a warm, welcoming entrance to your home property or turn your patio into a cool, relaxing retreat from the stresses of the work day? You can do it with color.


Comely, Comestible Kales
by Scott D. Appell, Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Kale is one of those plants that sits precariously upon the horticultural/gastronomic fence.


Creating Beautiful Borders
by Patt Kasa

By mixing annuals with your early-, mid- and late-season bloomers, you are certain to have a succession of outstanding color in your garden all season long. If you're lucky, your plants will self-sow and create a design of their own next season.


Crop Rotation for the Vegetable Garden
by Maurice Ogutu

In order to avoid soil fertility, pest, and disease problems, home gardeners need to practice crop rotation.


Cyclamen Companions Provide Holiday Sizzle
by Norman Winter, MSU Extension

Poinsettias may be the premier holiday plant, but if you are not growing cyclamen, too, you are missing out.


Daylily Group: Don't Confuse H. fulva with Noninvasive Types
by Todd Davis

Several states and agencies list Hemerocallis fulva as invasive, according to American Hemerocallis Society. Don't confuse this species, also called tawny daylily, common orange daylily, roadside ditch lily and tiger lily, with non-invasive clump-forming hybrid daylily cultivars.


Dealing with Dry Weather in Your Landscape
by Dan Gill

How often we need to water our landscapes varies depending on such factors as temperature, rainfall, humidity, season, plant material and light intensity.


Decorate Your Yard with Cool-season Color
by Dan Gill LSU AgCenter Horticulturist

The seasons are changing, and we are entering a transitional period in the flower garden.


Deep South Offers Year-Round Pleasure
by Rachel Faulkner, FNGA

The biggest thrill for gardeners in Florida is the fact that gardening is a year-round pleasure. We donít have to wait for a few warm summer months to pursue our hobby like gardeners up north do.


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