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Garden Articles

Asparagus Essentials
by National Gardening Association

Plants started from crowns can be harvested lightly in the spring of the second year.


Asparagus: Architectural and Edible
by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Interplanting small groups of asparagus with tall annuals that have airy foliage such as Cosmos or Verbena bonariensis creates a cheerful composition.


Autumn Color: Annuals That Heat Up When the Weather Cools Off
by Ball Horticulture Company

Autumn means cooler weather and shorter days, but it doesn't have to mean the end of the gardening season. Everyone knows the well-loved garden mum is the perfect choice for fall weather. Ball Horticultural Company offers the Showmaker ô collection of more than 80 varieties that will bring endless color to cool gray days.


Avoid Common Tree-planting Mistakes
by LSU AgCenter Horticulturists

Fall through winter is the recommended tree-planting season in Louisiana.


Bake Away Pests with Sunshine and Plastic
by Wade Hutcheson

If you have decided not to plant a fall garden, you can still work your garden spot to reduce next yearís pests.


Banking on Weed Control
by ARS; Frank Forcella

Weed management is a lot like health management: You have to choose between a preventive and a reactive approach. Do you wait until you're sick and then go to a doctor for medicine, or do you watch your diet and lifestyle to keep from getting sick in the first place?


Basil Easy To Grow In Summer Garden
by Dan Gill

Basil isnít just great tasting; itís also easy to grow and attractive. Grown and used in cuisines around the world, basil is indispensable to Louisiana cooks, so itís also a great addition to your summer herb garden.


Be Careful with Mail-order Gardening
by Dan Gill

Why would any of us purchase plants, seeds, bulbs or garden products through the mail?


Bed Sheets Keep Plants Cozy on Freezing Cold Nights
by Steve Jones

With winter almost upon us, we need to be prepared to protect plants from a sudden cold snap.


Best Bets for Special Uses: Dahlia Decisions Demystified
by Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center

American gardeners are increasingly dazzled by dahlias. But deciding which to plant can put gardeners in a daze, for no genus (except tulips!) offers more variety of shape and color than dahlias. There are tall ones, short ones, and sizes in between. There are cactus-shaped flowers, pompom- and ball-shaped bloomers, dainty, daisy-like flowers and blossoms so big they're called "dinner plate" dahlias. Colors range from red to white, orange, yellow, pink, purple and hundreds of shades in between.


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