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Garden Articles

Allergies Worsen Along with Climate Change
by National Gardening Association

Ragweed pollen in some parts of the northern United States and Canada now lingers almost a month longer than it did in 1995.


American Garden Award Contest
by American Garden Award

There are twenty-four participating Display Gardens that you can visit.


Antique Garden Furniture Show and Sale
by New York Botanical Garden

The New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx will host its 11th annual Antique Garden Furniture Show and Sale Thursday, May 1–Saturday, May 3, 2003. The original showcase for quality garden antiques in the country, the Antique Garden Furniture Show and Sale is celebrated by devout collectors as America's most important and eclectic venue for quality garden antiques.


Apricots--Exotic and Familiar--Protected in National Collection
by Marcia Wood, ARS News Service

Nearly 150 different kinds of apricot trees from around the world are growing in a special orchard in northern California. These apricots, along with a backup collection of trees living in 5-gallon pots inside a screened enclosure, make up America's official national collection of this delectable fruit.


Arboretum Embraces Beauty and Academia
by Catherine Doss

The Arboretum at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, is a shining example of successful intermingling of horticultural beauty with a vast body of knowledge and research. While arboreta were originally private tree collections that included many different species and varieties, today many of them play a much broader role.


Arboretum Scientist Releases Boxwood Encyclopedia
by Alfredo Flores

It took U.S. National Arboretum horticulturalist Lynn Batdorf nearly 20 years, six trips to Europe and countless visits to nurseries throughout the United States to gather information to complete "Boxwood: An Illustrated Encyclopedia." But now Batdorf can take pride in publishing the world's first authoritative guide to these beautiful evergreen, shrublike small trees.


Artist to Donate a Portion of Proceeds from his “Historical Landscape” Series to Historic Preservation.
by Fioravanti Fine Art

ioravanti Fine Art and nationally recognized and award winning historical landscape / preservation artist Jeff Fioravanti, today announced the institution of a new program dedicated toward assisting in the constant battle to preserve and protect our nation’s endangered civil war battlefields, and historic landscapes.


As Frost Nears, Time to Bring Plants Indoors
by University of Missouri Extension

Before you bring plants indoors, carefully inspect them for insects that will proliferate in the warm, dry indoor conditions. Isolate the plants from any indoor houseplants for about two weeks to ensure you don’t contaminate the other plants.


Ash Trees, Lilacs and Privets Now at Risk
by Kathleen W. Ward

Left unchecked through their life cycle, ash/lilac borer moths can eventually kill lilac canes, privet hedges and ash trees. Clear- winged and wasp-looking, the moths begin to emerge from infested plants in mid to late April.


Ask Dr. Grow It All
by James Romer

Dr. Grow-It-All answers questions about caring for perennials in the winter and tulip selection and care.


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