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Garden Articles

“Gardening Chicago Style” Returns With Practical Tips for Area Home Gardeners
by Chicago Botanical Garden

The Chicago Botanic Garden will present its second annual symposium designed exclusively for Chicagoland gardeners on May 13, from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. “Amateur gardeners will have the opportunity to learn practical gardening information they can put to immediate use in their home gardens,” said Tim Johnson, the Chicago Botanic Garden’s director of horticulture, who will share tips on “Garden Makeovers on a Budget.”


2010 Perennial Plant of the Year
by Martha Smith

If you are looking for a long-lived, low-maintenance, virtually pest-free perennial native, consider Baptisia australis for your landscape this year.


A Great Native Groundcover
by Barry Glick

Waldsteinia fragarioides is one of the most versatile groundcovers I've ever grown.


A Hobby Greenhouse May be for You
by Dan Gill, LSU AgCenter Horticulturist

So you’ve finally decided to get that hobby greenhouse you always wanted.


A Word of Caution
by Charlie Christian

It may be pre-emergent application time…or is it?


Abandoned Rail Tracks Become Green Space Haven
by Steve Jones, The Plant Man

When the original use for a piece of land becomes obsolete, it’s an excellent opportunity to turn it into an area that the entire community can enjoy.


Achillea: Perennial Favorite for Easy, Colorful Gardens
by Steve Jones, The Plant Man

Achillea is one of the easiest perennials to grow.


Achoo! Was that Your Plant Sneezing? Can Plants Get the Flu?
by Paula Flynn

The time of year has arrived when people begin to worry about fending off the common flu viruses.


African Violets Easy to Grow and Propagate
by Leslie Johnson, MSU

Few flowering plants are as easy to grow, popular and dependable as African violets. Give them enough light, and they’ll flower again and again, whether they’re in an office, a kitchen window or a greenhouse.


All-America Selections Winners
by All-America Selections (AAS)

Home gardeners will find seeds and plants available in time for their 2011 gardening season.


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