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Everything You Want To Know About Bees


Exploring the World for Bio-control Agents

Scientists are scouring the globe hoping to find the next bio-control agent that will help lower dangerous pest populations.


Fabulous Foliage Website Debuts

Color can be the most impressive feature in the home garden, said a University of Illinois Extension horticulture educator who developed a new website focusing on the use of foliage.


Faster Dandelion Control Now Approved for Sale

Homeowners now have another weapon in their arsenal of lawn weed controls.


Fertilizing Now Brings More Strawberries in 06

Strawberry plants are near the point when fertilizing this year can foster an abundant crop next spring.


Find Your Christmas Tree on the Web

The National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA) is helping consumers beat a path to Christmas Tree lots and farms this season. Visitors to the NCTA website,, simply type in their zip code to get a listing of Christmas Tree lots and farms within 60 miles


Five Plants Earn PA Gold Medal Award

PA Gold Medal Winners named for 2006 by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.


FNGLA Announces 2006 Florida Plants of the Year

FNGLA announces their 2006 Florida Plant of the Year Winners. Included are Cast Iron Plant, Yellow African Bulbine, Dwarf Powderpuff, Phalaenopsis Kaleidoscope, Wild Indian Date Palm, Florida Thatch Palm, and Amethyst Falls Wisteria.


For a Better Yard in 2006, Get Chores Done Now

One secret to an all-round better yard next year is to get out and do some work this November, said Kansas State University horticulturist Ward Upham.


Free Shipping Promotion on Books

Gardening123 is offering free shipping on all gardening books through midnight, March 21, 2004 E.S.T. All other gardening products including plants are not included in this promotion.


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