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"Is A Bird in the Hand Worth Two in the Bush?"
Honeysuckle is Invader of the Month

A bird in the hand might be worth much more if the bush is one of three common exotic invasive bush honeysuckles. Studies show that robins' nests in Amur honeysuckle (Lonicera maackii) are more likely to experience predation than nests in native shrubs like Viburnum. When robins and wood thrushes competed for nesting sites in Amur honeysuckle, predation on thrush nests increased, too. Exotic bush honeysuckles have no thorns and a branching structure that may allow predators easier access to songbird nests. For this reason, and the shrub's ability to shade out regenerating tree seedlings and understory herbs, the Maryland Invasive Species Council has chosen bush honeysuckle as the March Invader of the Month.


"Ivory Crisp" Potato Makes Tasty Chips

Your favorite potato chips might be made from "Ivory Crisp," an excellent potato from university scientists and their Agricultural Research Service colleagues.


"The Rose Campaign" Launched as Effort to Remember the Victims of 9/11

Every September 11, the organization will deliver a dozen roses to Ground Zero for each person that died during the tragic attacks.


[GA] Governor Perdue Announces More Flexibility in Outdoor Watering Restrictions

Today (2/6/08)at the Georgia Agribusiness Councilís legislative breakfast Governor Sonny Perdue announced the state will ease outdoor watering limitations through exemptions to the Level Four Drought Response implemented in September 2007.


2001 Philadelphia Flower Show


2001 Southeastern Flower Show


2006 All America Selections (AAS) Vegetable Winners

Meet the AAS 2006 Vegetable Award Winners.


A Melon-Cuke Merger


A Push-Pull Answer to Asian Lady Beetles


AAS Announces 2006 Bedding Plant and Flower Award Winners

AAS Bedding Plant and Flower Award Winners for 2006 include Nicotiana F1 'Perfume Deep Purple,' Dianthus F1 'Supra Purple,' Diascia F1 'Diamonte Coral Rose,' Viola F1 'Skippy XL Red-Gold,' Zinnia F1 'Zowie! Yellow Flame,' and Salvia farinacea 'Evolution.'


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