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Garden Articles
Garden Articles

Climbing Hydrangea

Climbers and Twiners, Vines for the Garden
by Bob Sampson

Vines are the upwardly mobile members of the garden community, said a University of Illinois Extension horticulture educator.

A Cup of Compost.

Coffee Grounds—Will They Perk Up Plants?
by Linda Chalker-Scott, Ph.D.

I do feel comfortable in making some general observations and recommendations for those of you who would like to try coffee grounds as part of your compost pile or as a mulch.


Collecting and Storing Seed
by Bob Sampson

Collecting and sowing his or her own seeds can be a fun and gratifying experience for the home gardener, said a University of Illinois Extension horticulture educator.

Color in Nature...

Color in Nature
by Ritchie Bell and Anne Lindsey

Color often plays crucial roles in the development of nature other than providing a stunning visual display in the fall. Gardening123 contributing writers Ritchie Bell and Anne Lindsey take a look at the importance of color and the many useful functions it serves.

Color in your garden.

Color in the Garden — Focused, Dedicated and Simple
by University of Nebraska, Illinois

The desire for color may be the single most important element sought by gardeners.

Compost pile.

Compost Happens, and Gardens, Yards Can Benefit
by George Boyhan

Compost happens. Using microorganisms to decompose organic matter into a nutrient-rich soil amendment is a great way to reduce waste and put it to good use.


Compost Piles Not Just Dead Stuff
by Leslie Johnson

EAST LANSING, Mich. -- It’s easy to think of the backyard compost pile as a collection of dead stuff -- leaves, grass clippings, fruit and vegetable waste from the kitchen.


Composting Can Conserve Water in Gardens, Landscape
by April R .Sorrow, UGA

Composting not only saves water in landscapes and gardens, it creates plant "food" from trash, says a University of Georgia expert.

Mums for fall color.

Consider Garden Mums for Fall Color
by B. Rosie Lerner

While many of summer's perennials are winding down for autumn, you can refresh your garden's color with garden mums.

Christmas tree farm.

Consider These Tips When Selecting Trees For Holidays
by A. Denise Coolman

As the temperatures fall and holiday shoppers head for the malls, many people’s thoughts turn to decorating their homes for the holidays.


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