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Garden Articles
Garden Articles

Bees, Ants, Beetles, Termites: <i>Are They Chew...

Bees, Ants, Beetles, Termites: Are They Chewing Up Your Home?
by National Pest Management Association

Not only do insects cause problems in the lawn and garden around your home, but they can also do serious damage to your home itself. Be on the lookout for signs of these homewreakers before they become a costly problem.

Oregon Grape.

Berries and Other Goodies for the Birds
by Diane Lynch, UC Davis, Marin Master Gardeners

Think in terms of what birds need when you are changing your garden or adding plants: food, water, shelter and a place to raise young. Many gardens lack appropriate understory plants which both feed and create habitat for birds. Understory plants are between trees and lawn and if you look at a natural wooded area or forest you will see the progression of groundcover to shrub/small trees to tall trees.

Beyond the Flowery Language:  Tips for Succe...

Beyond the Flowery Language: Tips for Successful Communication with Florists
by The California Cut Flower Commission

Your niece is approaching her twenty-first birthday and your dad was named bowler of the year by his club. You'd like to share your joy in these celebrations by giving a nice arrangement of flowers but how do you get through the fog of ordering flowers? Look inside for tips on how to ensure your order is exactly right.

Tulips at Biltmore Estates

Biltmore Estate's Festival of Flowers Unveils New 2006 Programs Geared Toward Gardeners
by Biltmore Estates

As Biltmore Estate embarks on its 21st annual Festival of Flowers, the historic property is tapping into the considerable expertise of its staff to focus more on its expansive gardens and all they have to offer with special activities and hands-on seminars.

Black Spot

Black Spot of Roses Can Be a Challenge, Even for the Experienced Rose Grower
by Candace Pollock

Taylor recommends that rose growers plant disease-resistant cultivars.

Picture of Sunshine Blue Blueberry

Blueberries Find Favor with Southern, Pacific Gardeners
by Kevin Neal, NMPRO

Edible landscaping is a fast-spreading trend that incorporates nontraditional plants that are attractive as well as fruiting or edible. Once relegated to the "vegetable area" or back corner of the yard, these plants are now taking center stage in many landscapes.

Garden of Lights

Botanical Garden Highlights Plants of the Pacific Northwest
by Catherine Doss

Nestled in the west end of the Wilburton Hill Park, east of downtown Bellevue, Washington, is 36 acres of beauty. The Bellevue Botanical Garden is a rich display of gardens, rolling hills, woodlands, meadows and wetlands offering an ever-changing panorama of greenery and color.

Natures decorations.

Bring the Beauty Inside this Christmas
by University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Enjoy making Christmas decorations from materials in your garden.

Norfolk Island Pine

Bringing Houseplants Down to Size
by Ward Upham, K-State Research & Extension

We sometimes receive calls from gardeners who wish to donate houseplents that have outgrown their location.

Butterflies: Garden Decorations in the Air...

Butterflies: Garden Decorations in the Air
by Lynn Libous-Bailey

Everyone loves to see butterflies in the garden, but do you know the secret to making your garden a butterfly haven? Follow Lynn's tips for attracting butterflies and your garden can be alive with the flitter of colored-wings in no time at all.


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