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Garden Articles
Garden Articles


by Bob Sampson, UIUC

Growing asparagus is best reserved for patient people, said a University of Illinois Extension horticulture educator

Atlanta's Premier Flower Show Changes Location...

Atlanta's Premier Flower Show Changes Location
by G123 Staff

The Southeastern Flower Show announces today a change in venue for the 2003 show. Next year's show will take place at the Georgia World Congress Center in downtown Atlanta February 5 - 9.


Attracting Birds To Your Backyard Is Easy -- Just Follow These 9 Basic Steps
by PR Web

When it comes to setting up a backyard bird watching station, the options can leave the beginner confused," says Bob Kegebein, creator of a new backyard bird watching web site

Tulip field

Autumn Time, and the Planting is Easy
by The Bulb Lady

So, there you stand, faced with a giant carton full of hundreds and hundreds of bulbs. Sorry now that your eyes were bigger than your energy supply. Wondering how - and if you will ever get everything into the ground before the snow flies.

Tomatoes susceptible to blossom end rot.

Avalanche of Blossom End Rot Could Hit Tomatoes
by William Terry Kelly

In the garden, you see the perfect shape of a red-ripe tomato, and your mouth starts to water. But your feathers fall when you see its blackened, sunken bottom.


Bagworms: What to Use?
by Ray Cloyd, Extension Entomologist, K-State Research & Extension

Bagworm caterpillars are out-and-about and this is the time to consider applying an insecticide (or pest control material).

Bamboo:  Love It or Hate It...

Bamboo: Love It or Hate It
by Melodie Scott-Leach, Habitat Gardens Curator
Riverbanks Zoo & Botanical Garden


by The U.S. National Arboretum

If you’ve never grown, or known, any basil other than that most commonly used in Italian-style cooking, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn there are many more varieties available to the home gardener or chef.

Holiday Meal

Be Thankful for What's Not on Your Holiday Table!
by Amy Steigman

What's your favorite holiday food? Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, sweet potato, salad, cranberries, or pumpkin pie? Do you prefer your feast with or without smut, rust, blight, and rot?

Nicely landscaped yard.

Beautiful Landscape Source Of Pride, But It Shouldn’t Take All Your Time
by Dan Gill

A beautiful, well-maintained landscape is the pride of most homeowners. Sometimes, however, we create landscapes that demand too much time and attention when combined with everything else in our busy lives.


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