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Garden Articles
Garden Articles

<i>Leonotis neptifolia</i>:  Annual Lion's Ear...

Annual Lion's Ear: Leonotis neptifolia
by Jim Massey

Annual Spotlight:  <i>Lungworts</i>...

Annual Spotlight: Lungworts
by Allan Armitage

Join Dr. Allan Armitage as he reviews some of the top performers in the Pulmonaria group.

<i>Impatiens walleriana</i>

Annuals Available to Suit Most Sites
by Leslie Johnson

Light shade or a northern exposure or full sun, dry soil or moist -- whatever the growing conditions in your intended planting spot, you can probably find one or more annual flowers that will thrive there.

Answering Questions about Native Plants...

Answering Questions about Native Plants
by Environmental Protection Agency

Prior to the arrival of the first European settlers, the Midwestern landscape was made up of a variety of ecosystems, including tall grass prairies, oak savannas, woodlands, and wetlands. These ecosystems were home to abundant birds, butterflies and other animals. Most of these areas have been transformed into the agricultural lands, urban centers, and industrial sites we see today. Few acres of the original landscapes remain. For example, approximately 65 percent of Illinois was originally tall grass prairie. Today, less than 0.01 percent of the original prairie survives in small, scattered preserves. Other natural ecosystems have fared similarly.

Ant Alert: <i>On The March To Invade Our Homes ...

Ant Alert: On the March to Invade Our Homes and Yards
by National Pest Management Association, Inc.

Are the dreaded red fire ants marching one by one into your life? That could be the case, as they are among more than 20 varieties of ants that invade or live in homes throughout the country during warmer months. Learn what to do about these tiny invaders inside.

Anthurium 'Sarah' hits the scene...

Anthurium 'Sarah' Hits The Scene
by Amanda Miller

If you havenít noticed, tropical plants and specialty houseplants are popping up everywhere. Prime time television shows are showcasing tropical flower arrangements, and more than ever Anthuriums are headlining the show.

Cherry Trees

Arboretum Provides Breathtaking, Hassle-Free Cherry Blossom Viewing
by Alfredo Flores

Looking for an alternative to the overcrowded views of Washington, D.C.'s famous display of cherry blossoms? Look no further than the Agricultural Research Service's U.S. National Arboretum.

Lady beetle.

Are Lady Beetles Invading Your Home?
by David Robson

The multi-colored or multi-spotted Asian Lady Beetles have created a not-so-positive name for themselves in the fall. Although they are considered beneficial insects, their sheer numbers create headaches for homeowners.

Arnold Arboretum Brings Rich History to Modern ...

Arnold Arboretum Brings Rich History to Modern New England
by Catherine Doss

Standing on the summit of Peters Hill at the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain, Mass., one gets a unique sensation of old versus new. Below you is a spectacular view of the grounds of the arboretum, which feature some of the oldest trees and shrubs in America. In the distance is the modern skyline of Boston, one of the nationís most progressive and commercially prosperous cities.

Beans newly weeded.

Artful Weeding Means Healthier Soil, Gardens
by Kathleen Ward, K-State Research and Extension

Pulling weeds is an art that requires both feelings and skills.


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