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Garden Articles
Garden Articles

A Mushroom Mystery:  <I>What's Killing the Mush...

A Mushroom Mystery: What's Killing the Mushrooms of Pennsylvania?
by Amy Spillman, ARS Information Staff

In early spring, after winter-dormant fields have been tilled and seeded, farmers walk over their fields and look for signs of life. They scan the newly furrowed earth for tiny shoots of green and give a small sigh of relief when they find them.

Muscari for naturalizing.

Achieving Harmony In Design - Eye Candy In The Garden!
by Debbie Van Bourgondien

Many of us think of gardening as painting with plants. Composing forms, textures, and colors on a canvas of earth so as to create a beautiful picture.

Dixie Iris

Add Beautiful Louisiana Irises to your Garden
by Dan Gill

Their extraordinary beauty and reliability in the garden have made Louisiana irises increasingly popular all over the world.

African Violet

African Violets
by Bob Sampson

A popular indoor plant that can bring color on a dreary winter day is the African violet, one with a "worldly history," said a University of Illinois Extension horticulture educator.

Rainbow Knock Out Rose - a 2007 All-America Rose

All-America Rose Selections Unveils World's Best New Roses for 2007
by All-America Rose Selections

Far from the red carpets and flashbulbs of Tinsel Town, there is an award that honors outstanding performance and brings world fame; however this award is not for actors, it’s for roses. For the past 68 years, the All-America Rose Selections™ (AARS™, has annually recognized outstanding new roses with one of the most coveted awards in horticulture. AARS is proud to announce the newest members of this elite group: the 2007 award-winners Rainbow Knock Out®, Moondance™ and Strike It Rich™.


All-America Selections for 2009: ‘Honey Bear’ Acorn Squash
by All-America Selections

‘Honey Bear’ acorn squash was bred to be baked and served in the half shell.

Picture of Amaryllis.

Amaryllis for Early, Mid and Late Season Bloom
by Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center

For those wishing to take their intrigue with amaryllis to the next level, here’s another way to keep a steady stream of these fabulously flamboyant flowers in bloom from week to week throughout the dreariest months of winter.

Lamsback Floral Decorators Display

America the Beautiful
by Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

The original iron White House gates that once opened for presidents through the 1800's will welcome visitors to America the Beautiful, March 6 - 13, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Anise Hyssop

Anise Hyssop hybrids almost too good to be true
by Paul Thomas

Agastache? Sounds like an ice cream flavor begging to be taste-tested. Actually, it's a flavor of garden perennial that's just as exciting.


Annual flowers help 'paint' masterful garden
by Bodie Pennisi

As spring arrives, gardeners all over Georgia once again try their best to win the "Most Beautiful Garden of the Neighborhood" award. Many will turn to the palette of annuals to start "painting" their masterpiece.


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