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Garden Articles
Garden Articles


"All-America Selections for 2009: Eggplant F1 ‘Gretel’ AAS® Vegetable Award Winner
by All-America Selections

The earliest white eggplant perfectly describes 'Gretel.'


"All-America Selections for 2009: Melon F1 ‘Lambkin’ AAS® Vegetable Award Winner
by All-America Selections

The most important trait of this melon is the flavor.


"All-America Selections for 2009: Viola F1 ‘Rain Blue and Purple’ AAS® Cool Season Bedding Plant Award Winner
by All-America Selections

This variety creates a spreading pool of cool blue colors.

'Plants at Work' Findings Indicate Financial Ef...

'Plants at Work' Findings Indicate Financial Efficiency in the Workplace
by PRNewswire

As President Bush juggles to re-invent his Chief Economic Team, Plants at Work is releasing practical information to boost corporate America's financial efficiency. New research shows that interior plants can offer a solid return on investment that delivers surprising bottom-line benefits.

Shamrock Ivy

'Shamrock' Selected as "Ivy of the Year" 2007
by American Ivy Society

Hedera helix ‘Shamrock’ has been selected by the American Ivy Society as the “Ivy of the Year” for 2007.

10 Tips for a

10 Tips for a "Greener" Garden
by American Plastics Council

All gardeners - from landscaping professionals to amateur green thumbs - can design and maintain their gardens in ways that will help conserve resources and protect the environment. Learn more inside.

Ice Damage

2005 Ice Storm Reveals Wichita's 'Strong Trees'
by Kathleen W. Ward

Trees that aren't strong enough to "take it" in central Plains weather extremes became obvious last January. The worst ice storm in south central Kansas' recorded history brought the area to its knees as tree limbs crashed into power lines, buildings and vehicles – creating enough broad-scale damage to qualify it as a federal disaster area.

Petunia F1 'Opera Supreme Pink Morn'

2007 AAS Bedding Plant Award Winners
by All-America Selections

Petunia F1 'Opera Supreme Pink Morn' and Vinca 'Pacifica Burgundy Halo' have been named 2007 ASS Bedding Plant Award Winners.

Venus Dogwood

2007 Gold Medal Plant Award Winners Announced
by The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Gold Medal Plant Award committee has added three exceptional plants to its list of winning 'Gold Medal' ornamental trees, shrubs and vines. To date, a total of 98 outstanding plants have received this prestigious award since it was introduced in 1978.

Blue star.

2011 Perennial Plant of the Year: Amsonia hubrichtii
by Perennial Plant Association

This perennial for the seasons is an asset in borders, native gardens, cottage gardens, or open woodland areas.


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