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Garden Articles

USDA Photo by Alice Welch

At First Blush, Harvest Tomatoes
by Kathleen W. Ward

When they reach a certain age, tomatoes Ė Americans' favorite garden vegetable, which is really a fruit Ė start acting like teenagers. All they do is hang around. They're in the throes of suddenly active hormones Ė which in the tomatoes' case, produce gas! They're still attached to their vine, but become totally closed off from its day-to-day operations.

Hungery birds.

Attracting Birds to Your Garden in Winter
by Chicago Botanic Garden

Winter is the perfect time to plan next seasonís landscape with plants that will invite birds to your garden all year long.

Avoid Planting a Feast for Insects in Your Gard...

Avoid Planting a Feast for Insects in Your Garden
by Stephanie Schupska

Plants don't have gyms or health magazines. But they do have gardeners. And gardeners armed with the right tools can help their plants grow healthy and problem-resistant. The payoff comes when insects arrive.

Bald Cypress

Bald cypress not just for swamps anymore
by James Midcap; Gary Wade

Most people think of bald cypress only in a swamp, growing in groves with roots submerged in water and branches draped in Spanish moss. But you don't have to live in a swamp to grow bald cypress.

Picture of bark on a river birch tree.

Bark Adds Interest to Winter Landscape
by Leslie Johnson

Itís easy to see winter as a time of desolation in the landscape -- trees are bare, grass is dead -- when itís not buried under the snow -- and many of the wild creatures of summer are miles away or out of sight in winter quarters.

Be Prepared for Winter Gardening Tasks...

Be Prepared for Winter Gardening Tasks
by Mandy Miller

Even though itís winter, and things have slowed down in the garden, there are still many tasks that can be done. Now is the perfect time to catch up on projects that lost out to watering those newly planted perennials this summer, or to plan for next yearís garden. Taking care of some simple tasks during winter downtime will help you have a more organized and relaxed spring gardening season.

Belgian Mums

Belgian Mums Offer Incredible Performance
by Norman Winter

Most of us use mums to give a festive look as the seasons change, but few gardeners think about plant combinations when using mums.


Best Herbs for Indoor Growing
by Conrad Richter, Iowa State University

The beauty of spring-blooming bulbs lies in their early flowering and ephemeral nature.

Best of the Best:  Planning for Spring...

Best of the Best: Planning for Spring
by Mandy Miller

Need help planning what to plant in your garden this spring? Read about some great selections that have been choosen by The Perennial Plant Association and The Georgia Plant Selections Committee, Inc., to be must-haves for any garden.

Roses and perennials.

Better Together -- Good Combinations Make Rose Gardens Sustainable
by Karma Larsen

Perennials, ornamental grasses and other plants can be integrated with roses in the home garden.


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