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Garden Articles

Among Gardeners, Hope Springs Eternal...

Among Gardeners, Hope Springs Eternal
by Betty King

G123 Managing Editor Betty King examines the trials and tribulations of gardening and the strange sense of hope that brings her back year after year.

Amsonia tabernaemontana, Blue Star Flower

by Ellen Silva

In terms of bloom, foliage, longevity, and resistance to pests, amsonia is flawless.


An Introduction to Classical Chinese Gardens
by U. S. National Arboretum

For centuries, Chinese gardens have displayed a delicate balance between the forces of nature and manís creations.

Gardening123 Releases  Plant Series...

Announcing the Gardener's Choice Collection
by Gardening123 Staff

As part of our continuing commitment to provide the best from the horticulture world, we are proud to introduce Gardening123ís Gardenerís Choice Collection.

Morning Glory

Annual Vines Can Serve Variety of Landscape Uses
by Leslie Johnson

Vines can play many roles in the landscape -- vertical design element, privacy screen, even shade plant. With annual vines you can achieve the desired effect in one season without making a long-term commitment. You can change the effect each year.

Apple blossoms.

Antique Apples: A Guide for Eaters and Growers
by Ian A. Merwin, Brooklyn Botanical Garden Brooklyn Botanical Garden

The best way to ensure the survival of antique apples is to grow them in small plantings in diverse conditions around the world.

Ants for Appetizers:  Hungry for Some Carnivero...

Ants for Appetizers: Hungry for Carnivorous Plants?
by Rob Gardner

The inherent fascination of a plant that eats bugs in an otherwise bug-eat-plant world is a recipe for irresistible garden allure, and this topsy-turvy state of affairs is the norm when it comes to carnivorous plants. Check out these gory garden favorites.

Appalachian Spring:  <i>Praise for Perennials f...

Appalachian Spring: Praise for Perennials from the Southern Mountains
by Cole Burrell

Join Cole as he takes a look at some of the best native plants for your garden that can also be found in the Great Smokey Mountains of Eastern Tennessee.


Are Crabapples Safe to Eat?
by Ward Upham, Kansas State Univ.

Make sure the tree hasn't been sprayed as an ornamental with a pesticide that isn't labeled for fruit tree apples. If it has, then the fruit should not be used.

Asters - Nature's Fall Explosion...

Asters - Nature's Fall Explosion
by Rob Gardner

Has summer's gardening trials and tribulations put you in a slump? Let staff writer Rob Gardner renew your spirit and enthusiasm with a look at beautiful fall asters that usher out the season with one last explosion of dazzling colors.


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