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Garden Articles

A Walk in the Winter Woodland Garden...

A Walk in the Winter Woodland
by Ritchie Bell and Anne Lindsey

The leaves and flowers may be gone, but there is still a lot to see in the winter garden. Join Ritchie Bell and his wife, Anne, as they explore the beauty of a wooded winter wonderland.

Pink Promise

AARS Winners for 2009 Announced
by LSU AgCenter

Three new roses representing three classes of roses are the 2009 All-America Rose Selections winners.

Elephant's Ear

Acclimating Plants Outdoors
by Matt Kostelnick

Taking plants outdoors in the spring time is a breath of fresh air for your plants.

Daffodil Baby Moon

Achieving Wildflower Look with Naturalized Bulbs has some Challenges
by L. Johnson

Itís fall bulb planting time, and you find yourself tempted to buy that bushel of bulbs from the seed catalog and create a wildflower meadow look by planting the bulbs in your lawn.

Sweet alyssum

Add Fragrance To Cool-Season Flower Beds
by Dan Gill

Now is the perfect time to plant cool-season bedding plants that will brighten our landscapes over the next five or six months. Of course, while youíre at it, donít make the mistake of many gardeners and forget that some cool-season bedding plants are wonderfully fragrant.

Squash blossom.

Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces 'People's Gardens' In Every State

These gardens provide educational opportunities for children and adults about nutrition and sustainability as well as introduce younger generations to agriculture and fresh foods.

New Snapdragon.

All-America Selections 2010 Award Winner
by AAS Winners

The soft shades of peach, yellow and light orange are distinct, and no other snapdragon offers this range of colors.

All-American Rose Selections Name 2003 Winners...

All-American Rose Selections Name 2003 Winners
by All-American Rose Selections

Dazzling and unique colors stamp the four 2003 All-America Rose Selections (AARS) winners as great additions to any garden. Add great vigor, wonderful form and disease-resistance and even an inexperienced gardener will be able to quickly establish a showplace with these nationally AARS tested roses.

Red amaryllis

Amaryllis Featured in Arboretum Exhibit
by Alfredo Flores, ARS News Service

The popular holiday plant known as amaryllis is being featured in a two-month exhibit at the U.S. National Arboretum in Washington, D.C.

Old books

America's Botanical Heritage Illustrated in an Exhibition of Rare Books and Ephemera
by New York Botanical Garden

This fall, The New York Botanical Garden will present America's Cornucopia, an exhibition of rare books and prints documenting the history of American botany and horticulture.


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