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Garden Articles

Palace Purple Heuchera

"Collecting" Plants
by Bob Sampson

Just as with stamps, coins, cars, paintings and other collectibles, plants have their own attractions to the collector, said a University of Illinois Extension horticulture educator.

Deadheading daylilies.

"Deadheading" Your Garden
by Bob Sampson, University of Illinois Extension

Home gardeners often overlook the need to get rid of old flowers on their annuals and perennials to maintain beauty, said a University of Illinois Extension horticulture educator.

<i>Baptisia australis</i>.

Baptisia australis
by Perennial Plant Association

Blue false indigo grows three to four feet tall and three to four feet wide in an upright habit. This exceptional perennial grows across a wide range of zones and is one of the most adaptable native species.

<i>Cyclamen hederifolium</i> (Hardy Cyclamen)...

Cyclamen hederifolium (Hardy Cyclamen)
by Allan Armitage

There are few scenes as delightful as a bed of pink and white hardy cyclamen gracing the base of a mature tree in a fall garden. These dainty white or pink flowers bloom in late summer and fall and, once they finish blooming, have beautiful mottled leaves. After flowering, seeds are distributed at the base of the cyclamen through little coils that actually push the seed down into the soil.

Crenshaw  'Burpee’s Early Hybrid'

2005 - Year of the Melon
by Cathy Wilkinson Barash

"O fleur de tous les fruits. O ravissant melon!" a 16th Century French monk waxes rhapsodic about the Charantais melon. The translation: Oh, flower of all the fruits. Oh, ravishing melon!

'Pastel Sunset' Sweet Pea

2005 - Year of the Sweet Pea
by Cathy Wilkinson Barash

English gardeners call sweet peas "the Queen of Annuals." These charming annuals are unique among garden flowers with their vivid colors, fragrance, and length of bloom in the garden. The flowers have an air of romance about them in both their scent and appearance. Sweet peas’ fragrance is sensuous, a captivating blend of honey and orange blossom, with an intensity that varies from one cultivar to another.

'Arizona Sun'

2005 All America Selections Announced
by Dan Gill

A variety of beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables were named All-America Selections winners for 2005.

Celosia in  Container.

2006 Year of the Celosia, Chili Pepper
by National Garden Bureau

The Nat'l. Garden Bureau is celebrating 2006 as the year of the celosia and chili pepper. Both of these plants are heat-tolerant and perform well across North America.


2010 American Garden Award
by American Garden Award

Vote for your favorite selection!


2011: Year of the Zinnia
by National Gardening Bureau

Zinnias are easy to start from seeds, indoors or outdoors. The seeds of most of them are a good size, so they're a perfect choice for a child to sow in the garden.


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