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2010 American Garden Award

by American Garden Award

AGA2 Echinacea 'Prairie' Splendor

What is AGA?

The American Garden Award is a unique opportunity for the gardening public to vote on a specific flower or plant that they think has the most appealing garden characteristics. Some of the world's most prestigious flower breeders have chosen their best varieties to enter into this competition. Then, in cooperation with 18 highly respected public gardens throughout the United States, All-America Selections presents the four entries so consumers can view the plants in person, then vote on their favorite. For those consumers and home gardeners who are unable to make it to view these flowers in person, the above link allows voting on this Web site.

2010 Voting May –August 31, 2010

Voting Code: AGA2 - Echinacea 'Prairie Splendor™'

Create a show-stopper display with these large and abundant flowers that bloom non-stop from early summer well into the fall. Prairie Splendor™ is a first year flowering perennial that will add years of enjoyment to the perennial border or blend into a wild garden setting. Attracts Butterflies.

  • Genus/Species - E. purpurea
  • Bloom Color - Soft Rosy Purple
  • Bloom Size - 3-3.5 inches
  • Plant Color - Green
  • Plant Height - 24 inches
  • Plant Spread - 14-16 inches
  • Light Requirement - Full Sun

'Purple Flash
Ornamental Pepper 'Purple Flash'

Voting Code: AGA3 - Ornamental Pepper 'Purple Flash'

Unique and exotic looking Purple Flash enhances mixed containers and in-ground plantings with striking color. Its layered leaves are almost black with “flashes” of bright purple, topped with small, round, glossy black pepper fruits (too hot to eat!). Purple Flash offers great drought tolerance, taking sizzling summer conditions in stride.

  • Genus/Species - Capsicum annuum
  • Category - Annual
  • Bloom Color - N/A
  • Bloom Size - N/A
  • Plant Color - Dark Purple
  • Plant Height - 10-12 inches
  • Plant Spread - 14-16 inches
  • Light Requirement - Full Sun

'Denver Daisy'
Rudbeckia 'Denver Daisy'

Voting Code: AGA4 - Rudbeckia 'Denver Daisy'

The summer-long flower power of Rudbeckia ‘Denver Daisy' and its ability to stand up under extreme weather conditions endear it to gardeners throughout the country. Flower power is no understatement for this beauty as large masses of golden flowers adorned with red rings cover its deep green foliage.

  • Genus/Species - R. hirta
  • Category - Annual
  • Bloom Color - Gold w/ Red Ring
  • Bloom Size - 4-6 inches
  • Plant Color - Deep Green
  • Plant Height - 18-20 inches
  • Plant Spread - 12-15 inches
  • Light Requirement - Full Sun

'Profusion Knee-High Red'
Zinnia 'Profusion Knee-High Red'

Voting Code: AGA5 - Zinnia 'Profusion Knee-High Red'

This profuse bloomer is covered with rich red flowers in abundance until frost. A vigorous cottage garden plant, it is highly tolerant of both cool, wet and hot, humid summer conditions. Perfect for low maintenance and low water gardens, as well as for display in long-lasting cut flower arrangements.

  • Genus/Species - Z. hybrida
  • Category - Annual
  • Bloom Color - Red
  • Bloom Size - 2 inches
  • Plant Color - Green
  • Plant Height - 16-24 inches
  • Plant Spread - 12-16 inche
  • Light Requirement - Full Sun

Editor's Note: Be sure to check out the list of 18 AGA Display Gardens. There may be one near you so you can see the AGA entries in person!


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