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A Word of Caution

by Charlie Christian

Lawn Care
September Lawn Care

It may be pre-emergent application time…or is it?

What should the months of September and March mean to a home owner concerning lawn care? Before you decide to make a purchase, the following are a few things for you to consider.

  • Which product is advisable to apply and to which lawn grasses?
  • Have you taken a soil sample for an NPK analysis lately?
  • Should you apply a "Weed and Feed" product which contains fertilizer to my lawn or may it be potentially detrimental?
  • Which type of grass is in your lawn?
  • Does your variety of lawn grass actually require fertilizing during the winter months?

Applying fertilizer to grasses which are dormant isn't cost effective and only promotes the growth of winter weeds!

Unless you have a total fescue lawn, a pre-emergent to control the growth of winter weeds which does NOT contain fertilizer is acceptable.

However, for those who do not have a fescue lawn, most experts agree that applying "Weed and Feed" products are NOT conducive to healthy lawns or our environment and are not recommended for warm season grasses such as Centipede, St. Augustine or Bermuda. In addition, these products are not recommended after Sept 1 or before the lawn is at 75% "green up" in the Spring when the ground temperature reaches 65 degrees, which usually doesn't occur until late May in USDA Hardiness Zone 7.

Editor's Note: Charlie Christian is a Master Gardener in Morgan County Georgia and is a frequent visitor and contributor to Gardening123.


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