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"All-America Selections for 2009: Melon F1 ‘Lambkin’ AAS® Vegetable Award Winner

by All-America Selections

'Lambkin' Melon AAS® Vegetable Award Winner, AAS® Photo.

The most important trait of this melon is the flavor. This is the reason to invest your time to grow ‘Lambkin’ in your garden. The oval shaped melon weighs between 2 and 4 pounds with a thin rind surrounding sweet, aromatic, white, juicy flesh. Another advantage is the earliness. Most other gourmet melons of this type mature much later than the 65 to 75 days of ‘Lambkin.’ Because of the early harvest, the vigorous vines can produce more melons. This results in more melons to share with close friends. It is classified as a Piel de Sapo melon a. k. a. Christmas type. The yellow melon skin with green mottling is unique and named, Piel de Sapo. As a Christmas melon, ‘Lambkin’ can be stored longer than other melons. They should be stored in a cool place such as a refrigerator. ‘Lambkin’ was bred by Known-You Seed Co. Ltd., Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Seed and plants of ‘Lambkin’ will be available in retail stores.


Genus species: Cucumis melo L.
Common names: Christmas melon, Piel de Sapo type
Fruit size: 2 to 4 pounds
Fruit shape: Oval
Color: Light yellow skin with green mottling, white flesh
Plant height: 9 3/4 inches
Plant habit: Vigorous vines spreading 6 feet or more
Garden spacing: Rows 6 feet apart
Unique qualities: Sweet aromatic white juicy flesh, early maturity, stores well
Length of time from transplanting to harvest: 65 to 75 days
Closest comparison(s) on market: ‘Aladdin,’ ‘Saporosa


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