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"All-America Selections for 2009: Viola F1 ‘Rain Blue and Purple’ AAS® Cool Season Bedding Plant Award Winner

by All-America Selections

‘Rain Blue and Purple’ Viola AAS® Cool season bedding plant award winner, AAS® Photo.

This variety creates a spreading pool of cool blue colors. The plants are cold and heat tolerant resulting in flowers throughout the seasons. Viola ‘Rain Blue and Purple’ will bloom in the south during fall and winter; in the north in the spring and summer. There is always a season of bloom for ‘Rain Blue and Purple.’ Another appealing trait is that the one and a half inch blooms change color from purple and white to purple and blue as they mature. Few flowers change colors naturally and ‘Rain Blue and Purple’ is one of them. The plants spread 10 to 14 inches in the garden or container. The trailing habit is perfectly designed for hanging baskets or patio urns. ‘Rain Blue and Purple’ was bred by Tokita Seed Co. Ltd., Saitama, Japan. Seed and plants of this AAS® Winner will be available from your favorite retailer.


Genus species:Viola cornuta
Common names: Johnny Jump-Up
Unique qualities: Creeping habit, flower color changes naturally from purple/white to purple/blue
Flower size: 1 1/2 inches
Color(s): Purple/white to purple/blue
Plant height: 6 inches
Plant width: Spreads 10 to 14 inches
Garden spacing: 10 to 12 inches
Length of time from sowing seed to flower: 70 days
Closest comparison(s) on market: ‘Alpine F1 Violet & White,’ ‘Viola F1 ‘Rebel Blue’


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