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[GA] Governor Perdue Announces More Flexibility in Outdoor Watering Restrictions

by Georgia Governor - Office of Communications

Watering a lawn
Georgia water restrictions have eased.

State will Provide Exemptions to Level Four Drought Response; Exemptions Balanced with Renewed Conservation Efforts

ATLANTA—Today (2/6/08)at the Georgia Agribusiness Council’s legislative breakfast Governor Sonny Perdue announced the state will ease outdoor watering limitations through exemptions to the Level Four Drought Response implemented in September 2007. Taking this action strikes a balance between sound management of our water resources and support of Georgia’s industries that depend on water use. Governor Perdue also announced that his call for 10 percent water use reductions on water permit holders will continue using the average monthly water use of April through September 2007 as the baseline.

"Georgians have demonstrated their dedication to a culture of conservation," said Governor Sonny Perdue. "It is important to continue to encourage conservation with the 10 percent reduction, which I believe we can achieve while also supporting industries that are so essential to our state."

Pending an EPD order issued by Director Carol Couch that provides an exemption to the Level Four Drought Response, hand watering will be allowed for 25 minutes per day on an odd-even schedule between midnight and 10:00 a.m. Odd numbered addresses can water on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Even numbered addresses can water Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Hand watering is defined as one person with one garden hose with a spray nozzle that shuts off when it is released.

If the water user participates in the Outdoor Water Use Registration Program, the individual can water newly installed landscapes, up to three days a week from midnight to 10:00 a.m. for a period of 10 weeks based on the odd-even schedule. The Outdoor Water Use Registration Program is currently being developed and is expected to be implemented by April 1. Georgians may also contact their county extension agents for assistance in getting registered.

Local governments and water utilities in the 61-county Level Four Drought Response area will still be required to achieve the Governor’s water use reduction goal of at least 10 percent. Beginning April 1, the water savings will be calculated using average monthly water use from April through September 2007.

"These steps will give consumers confidence to buy and plant new trees, turf and shrubbery," said Governor Perdue. "It will give retailers confidence to stock these items, and it will give producers confidence to grow them. This action will lend renewed strength to the landscaping industry in Georgia."

More information about the drought and water conservation can be found at and

Governor Perdue also praised the work of the Georgia Agribusiness Council in helping craft the Statewide Water Management Plan, which received final passage in the State Senate yesterday. Governor Perdue will sign the water plan this afternoon, and also announce the state’s decision on outdoor pools.


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