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2006 All America Selections (AAS) Vegetable Winners

by AAS

Carrot F1 'Purple Haze'
Carrot F1 ‘Purple Haze’ Vegetable Award Winner

Carrot F1 ‘Purple Haze’ Vegetable Award Winner

Daucus carota 'Purple Haze' is the first imperator-shaped purple carrot. The 10- to 12-inch smooth purple carrots taper to a point and reveal a bright orange center when cut. AAS Judges noted the sweet flavor during taste tests. The best presentation of 'Purple Haze' carrots will be when used raw, since cooking will dissolve the purple color. The vigorous upright plants will reach 14 to 16 inches tall and spread the same distance. Only normal carrot growing conditions are needed to produce an abundance of 'Purple Haze' carrots. Grow 'Purple Haze' carrots in large containers, with herbs such as parsley and sage. 'Purple Haze' carrots can be harvested in about 70 days from sowing seed.

Cilantro ‘Delfino’
Cilantro ‘Delfino’ Vegetable Award Winner

Cilantro ‘Delfino’ Vegetable Award Winner

Coriandrum sativum 'Delfino' is an improved aromatic, edible herb. The plant looks different. It has fine fernlike foliage that is more decorative than other coarse-leaved cilantros. ‘Delfino’ is easy to grow and leaves can be harvested in about 4 to 5 weeks. When grown in full sun, mature plants can be 20 inches tall. ‘Delfino’ can be grown in containers on patios or decks with annuals or other herbs. The plants will flower and “go-to-seed.” Harvest when the seeds have turned from green to brown. Cilantro seeds are the spice, coriander, that can be used in many ethnic recipes.

Pepper F1 ‘Mariachi’
Pepper F1 ‘Mariachi’ Vegetable Award Winner

Pepper F1 ‘Mariachi’ Vegetable Award Winner

Capsicum annuum 'Mariachi' won due to superior fruit size, improved earliness, marvelous yield, and unusually fine flavor. It is an improved cone-shaped pepper - 500 to 600 Scoville heat units - a mildly "hot" chile pepper. Fruit can become more pungent when plants are stressed by hot weather or lack of water. This is a fleshy pepper that ripens from yellow to red, but will mostly be used in the yellow stage. The vigorous, attractive 18- to 24-inch plants set fruit continuously throughout the growing season. 'Mariachi' produces an abundance of 3- to 4-inch peppers when grown in gardens or in containers on the patio. Harvest can begin within 65-68 days from transplanting. The fruits lend themselves to a wide variety of dishes including salsas and sauces, or, stuff, grill and enjoy.


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