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AAS Announces 2006 Bedding Plant and Flower Award Winners

by AAS

Nicotiana 'Perfume Deep Purple'
Nicotiana F1 ‘Perfume Deep Purple’

Nicotiana F1 ‘Perfume Deep Purple’ Bedding Plant Award Winner

Nicotiana x Sanderae 'Perfume Deep Purple' is named for the delicate evening fragrance that will charm the senses. This variety was bred for the scent and unique deep purple flower color. The single, 2-inch star-shaped flowers are produced in abundance. Plants can reach 20 inches and spread 15 to 18 inches in a full sun garden location. 'Perfume Deep Purple' readily adapts to containers, or a semi-shade garden planting. Easy to grow and undemanding, ‘Perfume Deep Purple’ seed and plants will be available in garden centers.

Dianthus F1 ‘Supra Purple’
Dianthus F1 ‘Supra Purple’

Dianthus F1 ‘Supra Purple’ Bedding Plant Award Winner

Dianthus interspecific ‘Supra Purple’ bloomed early and exhibited exceptional garden performance to win the AAS Bedding Plant Award. This interspecific cross results in hybrid vigor for improved heat tolerance and prolific bloom. The 1.5-inch single purple flowers are lacy, with highly fringed petal edges. In full sun, 'Supra Purple' will reach 12 inches tall with an upright bouquet habit spreading 10 inches. 'Supra Purple' flowers can be cut for fresh arrangements or enjoyed in the garden during the long flowering period. From sowing seed to bloom will be about 10-12 weeks.

Diascia F1 ‘Diamonte Coral Rose’
Diascia F1 ‘Diamonte Coral Rose’

Diascia F1 ‘Diamonte Coral Rose’ Cool Season Bedding Plant Award Winner

Diascia integerimma The first F1 hybrid diascia, 'Diamonte Coral Rose' is improved for early flowering, branching habit, flower production, and length of bloom. 'Diamonte Coral Rose' will flower within 60-70 days. The 8- to 10-inch height and 18-inch spreading habit is perfect for mixed containers where a cascading plant is desirable, or as a low edging plant in a sunny garden. The one-inch rosy coral blooms are produced in spikes on all sides of the plant. The frost tolerant plants can be literally covered with blooms.

Viola F1 ‘Skippy XL Red-Gold’
Viola F1 'Skippy XL Red-Gold’

F1 ‘Skippy XL Red-Gold’ Cool Season Bedding Plant Award Winner

Viola cornuta This is the first Viola cornuta to win the prestigious AAS Award. The improved qualities are flower size, flower colors and freedom of bloom. The large, 1 ½ inch, round flower appears to be a pansy, but it's a viola. The colors on its bloom were designed by an artist. They are ruby red with violet red shading below the golden yellow face containing penciling or whiskers. The whiskers are an attribute of violas. AAS Judges noticed the strong, dense plant which exhibited heat tolerance combined with winter hardiness with protection. These two traits result in improved freedom of bloom and length of the flowering season. When mature, the plants will spread 8 inches and remain dwarf, about 6 inches tall.

Zinnia F1 ‘Zowie! Yellow Flame’
Zinnia F1 ‘Zowie! Yellow Flame’

Zinnia F1 ‘Zowie! Yellow Flame’ Flower Award Winner

Zinnia elegans This AAS Winner will wake up any garden with flowers that flame with color. 'Zowie! Yellow Flame' begins a new class of semi-tall zinnias with a novel bicolor pattern. Each 3- to 4-inch semi-double bloom contains a scarlet/rose center with yellow petal edges. The color combination is uniformly intense, like a yellow flame. Expect flowering plants in about 8 to 10 weeks from sowing seed. Perfectly adapted to larger containers, use 'Zowie! Yellow Flame' as a focal point and add other annuals to create a flaming "Hot" color combination. In a sunny garden, mature plants will reach 24 to 29 inches tall, spreading 26 to 27 inches. The zinnia flowers are excellent as cut flowers.

Salvia farinacea ‘Evolution’
Salvia farinacea ‘Evolution’

Salvia farinacea ‘Evolution’ Flower Award Winner

Salvia farinacea 'Evolution' expands the color range of Salvia farinacea. The 6- to 7-inch flower spikes are violet, distinctly different from blue. 'Evolution' is a medium height annual reaching 16 to 24 inches tall and spreading 16 to 19 inches. Gardeners who search for plants with minimal maintenance should reserve space for 'Evolution.' When planted in fertile soil, irrigation is the only requirement for 'Evolution' to flower consistently. Water efficiency tests in Colorado show Salvia farinacea plants are drought tolerant. 'Evolution' plants are undemanding with few disease or pest problems.


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