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Ask Gardening123 - July 2001

by Gardening123 Staff

Each month Gardening123 publishes questions from users here in the “Ask Gardening123” section and answers them. These questions can pertain to gardening or they can be technical questions about the site. If you have a question you would like answered please email it to

I want to use Sevin Concentrated Grub Killer on my lawn to kill fleas. The instructions on the packaging do not say how long I should keep my animals off the lawn after it is applied. Please advise.


Since you are using a liquid form of Sevin, you should wait until it has dried completely before allowing your animals on the lawn again. When using a powdered form, you should wait at least a day.


I live in planting zone 7. I understand that there is a new variety of Magnolia on the market that only gets about 15' in height. Can you give me more information about it: its name, growing habits, growth rate, soil and water requirements, best planting time, etc.?


We are unaware of any specific new variety of magnolia that only gets to be about 15 feet tall.

Magnolia stellata is a species that only gets to be 15-20 feet high and some of the cultivars are only 12 feet. They are good in zones 4-8 so this plant should do well in your area. “Centennial”, “Rosea”, “Royal Star”, and “Waterlily” are all good cultivars.

A good hybrid is called 'Pristine'. It is a cross between Magnolia denudata and M. stellata and has white flowers. It reaches 15-25 feet tall and flourishes in zones 5-9.


I have a product called Sevin Ready-to-Use Bug Killer and I was wondering if it can be used in a vegetable garden before I plant the vegetables. I have a problem right now with red ants.


The label for Sevin products does not support the incorporation of Sevin into the soil. It is labeled only for topical application on plant material. For more information or further questions you may have, please feel free to contact Gail Randall at 1-800-969-7200 for Sevin Customer Service.


I am trying to find out as much as I can about a shrub I purchased yesterday. It is a Newport Blue Boxwood, which I love, but I cannot find any information about the rate of growth or the height/width it will eventually reach.


According to Dr. Michael Dirr of the University of Georgia, the Newport Blue has a densely rounded habit. After 14 years, it is usually 18 inches tall and three feet wide, growing 3-5 inches a year. It was selected in the 1940's by Boulevard Nurseries of Rhode Island.



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