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Community Bulletin - April 2001

by Gardening123 Staff

Gardener's Choice Collection Arrives April 6 in Atlanta Area

Beginning the first week of April, visit your local Pike Nursery or the Habersham Gardens in Atlanta to find the Gardener's Choice Collection from Gardening123. These 15 plants, seven for the sun and eight for the shade, have been professionally-selected to meet the needs of Georgia gardeners.

Add one or all of these great plants to your garden beginning April 6.

New Plants Added to Gardening123 Database

Gardening123 is pleased to announce that 62 new plants have been added to the Garden Guide. These plants represent a wide range of gardening interests including perennials, annuals, trees, and ground covers. Many of these plants were added in response to users who requested them. If you have a plant you would like to see added to the Garden Guide, please let us know at  We cannot guarantee that your suggestion will be added, but we will try include it as soon as possible.

If you have an announcement you would like to see posted to the Gardening123 Community Bulletin, please e-mail it to  at least seven days prior to the month you want your announcement to appear.


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