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Community Leaders: Gary Antosh

by Gardening123 Staff

This month’s Community Leader spotlight focuses on Gardening123 contributing writer Gary Antosh.

Gary Antosh’s plant journey started almost 30 years ago. As far back as he can remember, Gary has always enjoyed learning about plants and growing them, especially unusual plants.

His first “real” job was in a small nursery that grew orchids for retail. They had a small area in their greenhouse where they also grew a few flowering anthuriums and spathiphyllums. Gary’s interest in anthuriums grew slowly as he learned more of all the different types. By the age of 19, he had developed one of the best collections of anthuriums in the world. It wasn’t long before Gary found myself trading plants with collectors and botanical gardens around the world.

South Florida is home to hundreds of growers, producing landscape and foliage plants for shipments all over the world. Needing to "make a living", Gary began producing commercial varieties of indoor plants, such as, Spathiphyllium, Ficus, Aglaonemas, Bamboo palms and Rhapis palms.

He later launched a website called, which had one focus...provide indoor plant care information to consumers. Today he provides information on indoor plant care not only through the site, but also through a weekly newsletter with over 15,000 subscribers and a series of online books for specific plants such as Dracanea, Aglaonema, Spathiphyllum, Ficus and Bromeliads.


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