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Getting Started
1 Become a member.
  The more we understand your gardening interests, the better we can customize this site to meet your needs. Subscribe to Gardening123 and use the Edit Your Profile section to keep us up-to-date on your gardening habits and activities, so we can bring you articles and other features that you will enjoy. Our Pledge: we won’t sell or share your personal information with anyone else (see our Privacy Statement).
2 Tell us what you grow, and we will help you care for it.
  Anyone can use the Garden Guide to identify the plants you grow. But as a member, you can move plants to your personal garden journal by selecting the button, “Add to Garden Journal.” Then, each month we will send you an e-mail that reminds you when it’s time to care for your plants, and we’ll even show you how to do it. Our monthly notes will include fertilizing, pruning, propagating, as well as many other timely tips.
3 Use Your Garden Layout to build a designer’s view of your landscape.
  As a member, you can use this interactive program to help you visualize the layout of your property, as well as try out ideas for new garden designs. You’ll find it easy and fun to add plants and structures to your garden. Note: the Flash Player is required to view this section.
4 Never miss an article by your favorite author or on your favorite topic.
  Each month we add many new articles on a wide variety of topics. Because we wouldn’t want you to miss your favorite author or topic, with your permission, we’ll send you e-mail announcing the release of each new edition. Subscribe now to take advantage of this members-only benefit.
5 Visit Garden Problems to help manage your plant problems.
  Our experts have made it easy for you to identify plant pests and diseases. We even identify the best products approved in your state for treatment.
6 Explore the site!
  We have a multitude of gardening resources available, including a searchable encyclopedia of thousands of plants, Garden Fresh Recipes, and articles and videos from “America’s Gardener” Allan Armitage. We also offer a variety of plants, books, and other garden products. Get to know your garden community. We’re pleased you’ve chosen to grow with us!

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