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Plant Categories
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Abutilon x hybridum
Chinese Lantern, Parlor Maple
Enlarge Plant Image

Category: Annuals
Light: Full sun

The hybrids are a variable complex of species including A. striatum, A. darwinii and others. In general, plants may be up to 5' in height, although modern hybrids are seldom more than 2 to 3' tall. The leaves may be unlobed but are often three- or occasionally five-lobed. The margins are serrate to dentate and the leaves may be smooth or softly hairy underneath. The drooping bell-shaped flowers are held in axillary peduncles (flower stems) and the colored blooms are often obviously veined. In many hybrids, the sepals are darker than the petals and add an ornamental aspect as well. If bought as a standard (plants trained on a single stem), then garden performance may be excellent. However as traditional plants, they are not sufficiently strong to be plunked in the garden without a good deal of soil preparation and care. Their place seems to be in large containers and window boxes, where the flowers can be viewed more easily and the soil, moisture and fertility can be more easily controlled. Full sun in the North, full sun for most cultivars in the South, the variegated foliage forms benefit from some afternoon shade in the South.

Plant Profile
Family Malvaceae
Origin Hybrid
Height 12" to 3'
Spread to 24"
Growth Rate Fast
Flower Colors Yellow, orange, rose, white
Soil Moisture Moist, Well-drained
Bloom Time Summer
Uses Specimen, Hanging Baskets, Container

Recommended Fertilizer
For use on Annuals: STA-GREEN® Bloom Start®

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