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Plant Categories
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Abutilon megapotamicum
Trailing Abutilon
Enlarge Plant Image

Category: Annuals
Light: Full sun

This trailing form of the flowering maple is a favorite to all who grow it. Suitable as a standard specimen, basket or window box plant, it can grow up or fall over other plants, complementing most everything. The small, 2 to 3" long pointed leaves are shallowly three-lobed and almost horizontal, making the plant grow almost in a single plane. The 2 to 3" long, narrow flowers consist of lemon yellow petals surrounded at the base by a bright red sepals. The column of pistil and attached stamens conspicuously protrude from the petals making a stunning combination.

Plant Profile
Family Malvaceae
Origin Brazil
Height 12" to 4'
Spread to 5'
Growth Rate Fast
Flower Colors Yellow
Bloom Time Summer
Uses Specimen, Hanging Baskets, Container

Recommended Fertilizer
For use on Annuals: STA-GREEN® Bloom Start®

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