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Abelmoschus moschatus
Musk Mallow, Ornamental Okra
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Pronounce Latin Name
Category: Perennials
Hardiness Zone: 1 to 11
Light: Full sun

A bushy perennial, often grown as an annual. The plants are quite ornamental, particularly some of the cultivars that have been bred. The species bears axillary 2 to 3" wide light yellow flowers with purple blotching within. The flowers are up to 3" across, consisting of five petals and the characteristic columnar pistil to which the many stamens are attached. Each flower persists but one day, relinquishing its time in the sun for the next one in line. The leaves consist of widely-spread thin, toothed lobes, but they occasionally look more maple-like. They are sparsely hairy on both sides, and while the foliage can itch, it is not prickly. The thin fruit (capsule) is among the shortest of the genus, being only 2 to 3" long. Capsules and flowers appear together throughout the season as some flowers finish while others are opening.

Plant Profile
Family Malvaceae
Origin India
Height 24" to 5'
Spread 18" to 24"
Flower Colors Light yellow flowers with purple centers; sometimes pink, orange or red with white centers
Soil Type Fertile
Soil Moisture Well-drained
Fragrance Slight musky fragrance
Uses Borders, Flower Beds

Nice to know
The common name of Musk Mallow is a reference to the long, narrow fruit, which have a definite musky odor.

Recommended Fertilizer
For use on Perennials: STA-GREEN® 3-MonthTM Nursery Special®

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