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Plant Categories
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Acanthus spinosus
Spiny Bear's Breeches
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Pronounce Latin Name
Category: Perennials
Hardiness Zone: 6 to 10
AHS Heat Zone: 12 to 1
Light: Full sun

The 10" diameter leaves of this species are lanceolate and more deeply divided than those of A. mollis. The flowers are similar except that three to four veins occur on the purplish bracts rather than five to seven found in common bear's breeches. If late freezes occur, A. mollis is killed to the ground while this species is little affected. The flowers are produced consistently each year and the leaves remain fresh all season. Plants also tolerate warm, humid summers; a definite advantage for southern gardeners.

Plant Profile
Family Acanthaceae
Origin Southern Europe
Maintenance Low to Moderate
Height 3' to 4'
Spread 30" to 3'
Growth Habit Rounded
Growth Rate Fast
Flower Colors Lavender, blue
Foliage Colors Dark green
Soil Type Tolerates most soil types
Soil Moisture Well-drained
Soil pH Acidic
Bloom Time Late spring to Late summer
Uses Erosion control, Specimen, Mass planting, Cut Flowers

Nice to know
Moderately drought tolerant. Flower heads make attractive additions to arrangements.

Recommended Fertilizer
For use on Perennials: STA-GREEN® 3-MonthTM Nursery Special®

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