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Gladiolus callianthus
Acidanthera, Abyssinian Gladiolus, Fragrant Gladiolus
Enlarge Plant Image

Category: Perennials, Annuals
Hardiness Zone: 8 to 11
AHS Heat Zone: 9 to 3
Light: Full sun to partial shade

Summer growing corm with sword-like leaves and night fragrant creamy white, brown-centered flowers borne on spikes up to 3' tall. Popular summer bedding plant, hardy perennial in the South. The old name for this plant is Acidanthera bicolor.

Plant Profile
Family Iridaceae
Origin Ethiopia
Maintenance Moderate
Height 24" to 3'
Spread to 6"
Growth Rate Fast
Flower Colors White with a purple throat
Foliage Colors Green
Soil Type Loam, Fertile
Soil Moisture Wet
Soil pH Slightly Acidic
Fragrance Sweet, musky primrose fragrance
Uses Borders, Cut Flowers, Flower Beds, Container

Nice to know
Attracts hawk moths.

Recommended Fertilizer
For use on Annuals: STA-GREEN® Bloom Start®
For use on Perennials: Holland Bulb Booster Fertilizer

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