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In This Issue...
Holiday Decorations Straight from Nature
by Dixie Hapgood

Christmas holidays with decorations straight from Nature.
Garden Maintenance: Feeding Winter Birds
by Jason Adams

With the arrival of December, the holidays are on the forefront of everyone’s mind, with the possible exception of Ebenezer Scrooge. Gift-giving gardeners would do well to remember their feathered gardening helpers this year, who may have trouble finding enough to eat now that the growing season has passed. Food is particularly important to birds this time of year since it is used to keep them warm during the long winter nights.

With Proper Care, Poinsettia Can Be Enjoyed Beyond Holidays
by American Phytopathological Society

The Poinsettia may be a popular plant to buy during the cold and snowy holiday season, but it’s actually a tropical plant with origins in Central America and Mexico.

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