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In This Issue...
Spring Is Repot Time for Most Houseplants
by Kansas State Research and Extension

All plants respond to spring's longer days including those living indoors. The resulting growth spurt is why most houseplants need to be repotted annually. And, spring is when that usually occurs.
Turn 'Trash' into Plant Food and Improve Garden Soil
by April Reese

Compost is decomposed organic matter. In heavy clay soils, compost reduces compaction, increases aeration and helps water better infiltrate the soil. In sandy soils, it helps the soil retain both water and nutrients.
Bulbs with a Past
by Debbie VanBourgondien

Sometimes we take our bulbs for granted, as if they had always been there and always will be, but most of the bulbs that we so love to greet in spring, and many of the summer and autumn ones as well, actually have a past a history. Actually gardens themselves are not something that we always had.
Pruning Shrubs Correctly
by Bob Sampson, University of Illinois Extension

Proper pruning can encourage more blooms, fuller plants, and healthier plants ...

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